Studyhouse Accommodation Culture

Enjoy Student Share-Living in a friendly, safe environment.

Small is beautiful. Each Studyhouse caters for a small ‘family’ of only 8 to 10 students, so you have a great sense of belonging and companionship —unlike larger, more impersonal student accommodation. We even have one Studyhouse exclusively for girls who prefer more privacy. All of our Student Accommodation is built around a friendly, safe, respectful environment.

Settling Accommodation Assitant

You will feel welcome. Our students come from many countries and speak a variety of languages, so we provide settling-in assistance to make your experience easy and enjoyable.

Each student is welcomed by the House Manager and is given a comprehensive, one-on-one induction and orientation of their Studyhouse and its facilities. You will also be introduced to other students who may be home at the time. This helps newcomers feel welcome and fit in quickly to their new accommodation and feel relaxed as quick as possible.

Student’s Parents

Our residences are specially designed for international language students, with 24 hour emergency support for your son or daughter. Their safety, security and well-being are our top priorities.

Sometimes students feel lonely or homesick, and it can take a little time to settle in. But living with a small group of other like-minded students at Studyhouse is a safe, friendly way for young adults to live, learn and explore Sydney. And with Wi-Fi included, the family can easily keep in contact via electronic and social networks.

Contact Us for more information, or for a copy of our Studyhouse Handbook and Resident’s Agreement.

House etiquette

To ensure the comfort and safety of others, we ask that all students sign and adhere to the Studyhouse Resident’s Agreement, and follow the House Rules. Both of these are designed to keep students safe, secure, happy and respectful of each other and their personal property during their stay in their Student Accommodation.