Learn With Studyhouse

Student Friendly Accommodation

All the Studyhouse features, are focused on not just providing a world class student accommodation facililty, but also a place that encourages, enhances, and maximised Student’s study potential. Ensuring the houses are clean and tidy, well maintained and secure, and all the additional features such as WiFi, means students can focus on their studies as much as possible. Each room and house has been upgraded and fitted out by listening to Student needs for accommodation, and what they require and want to ensure the most productive study and life style.

Private And Communal Living

By ensuring a central communal area as well private or shared room options, the Studyhouse accommodation encourages collaboration between other residents in a respectful manner, whilst still making available private areas for study. A benefit of the communal accommodation, is the ease of access to other students who may be studying similar courses, or at similar institutions. Studyhouse is all about fostering these relationships in the most comfortable and well featured environment possible at a great value price point.

Ease Of Access

Studying can take place all hours of the day and night so it is comforting to know that the location of the accommodation is close to some of Sydney’s major learning hubs. Public transport is available at close proximity also to make travel times as convenient as possible. Being so close to major transport routes and busy areas also ensures the security and safety of student residents, and minimising travel requirements and costs. Many students also make use of Sydney’s bike lanes ensuring a safe journey with very little cost and a health benefit to boost.